Agricultural development currently leads to integrated agricultural development that integrates agricultural sub-sector activities (plants, livestock, fish, forests). Therefore a holistic and integrated approach is needed between various sub-sectors in agriculture.

Master study program of Agricultural Systems is a multidisciplinary study program at the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University which particularly develops the Agro-complex sciences (Faculty of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Forestry) in Life Sciences which focuses on scientific studies on integrated and sustainable agricultural science and technology development .


Vision      :   Become a leading study program in the development of science and technology in integrated farming systems based on the Indonesian Maritime Continent.

Misi          :   (1) Carrying out integrated and sustainable higher education in agricultural science; (2) Carrying out integrated and sustainable research and community service. (3) Disseminate and implement science and technology in the field of integrated and sustainable agricultural science for the advancement of agricultural development.

Objectives   :          (1) Produce broad-minded graduates in the field of integrated agricultural science and are able to develop models of integrated and sustainable agricultural systems. (2) Produce and develop studies of agricultural science and technology to support the development and management of integrated and sustainable agriculture. (3) Produce graduates who master and are able to disseminate science and technology in the field of integrated and sustainable agricultural science in an effort to support the concept of integrated and sustainable agriculture.



Candidate has a bachelor’s degree obtained at a State University / Private Institution which has a bachelor’s examination that meets the requirements set by the Ministry of National Education or a graduate of a foreign institution whose diploma has been approved and is considered equivalent to a diploma in Indonesia by Ministry of National Education.

For foreign participants, additional provisions apply that those concerned have mastered Bahasa Indonesia and obtained permission from the Ministry of National Education


A. Academic Requirement

  1. Bachelor degree (thesis pathway) from an accredited institution.
  2. Bachelor of Agricultures, Forestry, Marine and Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Pharmacy, and Economy.
  3. English language skills and academic abilities in accordance with the provisions of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University
  4. Pass the selection test of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University.
  5. Never declared as dropped out student at one of the Graduate School Study Programs or from other universities.
  6. The bachelor graduates of Hasanuddin University with the title of the best graduates in the last two years would be able to continue their education at the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University in the same field of science without an entrance examination.

B.  Administrative Requirement

  1. Online form;
  2. Copy of identity card;
  3. Copy of family card;
  4. One (1) Copy of Diploma and Transcipt legalized by authority;
  5. One (1) Copy of Accreditation Letter of Initial Study Program and Institution;
  6. Permit from authorized supervisors for civil servants or employees;
  7. Recommendation letter of academic eligibility (from 2 people);
  8. TOEFL and TPA scores (if available and still valid);
  9. Certificate of Health
  10. Three (3) pieces of photo size 3×4 with red background;
  11. Hardcopy of research plans;
  12. Letter of statement for not registered as a student in one of the study programs at Hasanuddin University.


No Course Code Courses Credits
Semester I
1. 502Y0103 Sustainable Agricultural Systems (w) 3
2. 572Y0103 Research Methodology and Scientific Writing (W) 3
3.   Optional Course 1 3
4.   Optional Course 2 3
5.   Proposal Seminar (W) 2
Total Credits Semester I 14
    Optional Courses :  
1. 504Y0103 Sistem Analysis and Approach 3
2. 573Y0103 Social Economy of Natural Resources 3
3. 602Y0103 Strategy and Natural Resources Planning System 3
4. 620Y0103 Forest Industry Management Planning 3
5. 621Y0103 Forest Industry Planning 3
6. 623Y0103 Plant Environmental Physiology 3
7. 501G312 Agricultural Development Policy 3
8. 551G312 Agricultural Development Planning 3
9. 601Z023 Development Theory and Paradigm 3
10. 604Z023 Agricultural & Rural Institutions 3
Semester II = 10 Credits
1.   Optional Course 3 3
2.   Optional Course 4 3
3.   Research Seminar 4
Total Credits Semester II 10
    Optional Courses :  
1. 607Y0103 Land Resources Information System 3
2.   Integrated Agriculture and Agroforestry 3
3.   Agroekology and Biodiversity 3
4. 624Y0103 Agroclimatology Method 3
5. 571Y0103 Characteristics & Management of Tropical Lands 3
6. 608Y0103 Environmentally Friendly Organic Agriculture 3
7. 613Y0103 Advanced Aquaculture 3
8. 617Y0103 Animal Nutrition 3
9. 502Z023 Quantitative Method 3
10. 602Z023 Contemporary Issues on Agriculture & Rural Development 3
11. 603Z023 Evaluation of the Agricultural Development Program 3
Semester III-IV = 14 Credits
1.   International Publication (W) 5
2.   Thesis and Exam (W) 9
Total Credit Semester III-IV 14

*Notes : Duration of Study around 3 to 8 Semester


  1. A. Nixia Tenriawaru, Dr., Ir., MS
  2. Abd. Haris Bahrun, Ir.,M.Si.,Dr
  3. Ahmad R. Siregar, Prof. Dr. Ir, MSc
  4. Alexander R. Tondok, Prof. Dr. Ir, MS
  5. Burhanuddin Rasyid, Dr. Ir, MSc
  6. Darmawan Salman, Prof. Dr. Ir, MS
  7. Didi Rukmana, Prof.Dr.Ir.,MS
  8. Dody Darmawan Trijuno, Dr. Ir, MSc
  9. Edison Saade, Dr. Ir, MS
  10. Elkawakib Syam’un, Prof.Dr.Ir.,MS
  11. Eymal Bahsar Demmalino, Dr.Ir.,M.Si
  12. Hazairin Zubair, Prof.Dr.Ir.,MS
  13. Imam Mudjahidin, Ir, M.Si.,Ph.D
  14. Ismartoyo, Prof.Dr.
  15. Kaimuddin Prof.Dr.Ir.,M.Si
  16. Laode Asrul, Prof.Dr.Ir.,MP
  17. Latief Toleng, Prof.,Dr.Ir.,M.Sc
  18. Letty Fudjaja, SP, Dr. , MS
  19. Muh. Farid BDR, Dr. Ir, MP
  20. Muh. Hatta Jamil, Dr., Ir., M.Si
  21. Muhammad Arsyad, SP.,M.Si.,Ph.D
  22. Muslim Salam, Prof.,  Dr., Ir., M.Ec
  23. Ngakan Putu Oka, Prof. Dr.Ir, MSc
  24. Rahim Darma, Prof., Dr., Ir., MS
  25. Rajuddin Syam, Prof.Dr.Ir.
  26. Rahmadanih, Dr. Ir.  MS
  27. Rusnadi Padjung, Dr. Ir, MSc
  28. Syamsuddin Millang, Dr. Ir. MS
  29. Sharifuddin Bin A. Omar, Prof.Dr.Ir.,M.Sc
  30. Sitti Bulkis, Prof. Dr. Ir. MS.
  31. Sumbangan Baja, Prof.Dr.Ir.,M.Phil
  32. Syahriani, Dr. Ir, MS
  33. Syamsuddin Garantjang, Prof Dr. Ir.,M.Agr.Sc
  34. Syamsuddin Hasan, Prof.Dr.Ir.,M.Sc
  35. Syatrianty A. Syaiful, Dr.Ir.M.S
  36. Sylvia Syam, Prof.Dr.Ir.,MS
  37. Yunus Musa, Prof.Dr.Ir.,M.Sc
  38. Vien Sartika Dewi, Dr.Ir.,M.Si
  39. Dr. Maria V. I Herdjiono, SE., M.Si.
  40. Dr. Fitriani, S.Kom., M.Si.
  41. Dr. Samel W. Ririhena, M.Si.
  42. Dr. Syahruddin, M.Si.
  43. Dr. Yus Witdarko, S.Pd., M.T.
  44. Dr. Jefri Sembiring, S.P, M.Si.
  45. Dr. Elly Noer, S.E., M.M.
  46. Dr. Julianto Jover Jotam Kalalo, S.H., M.H.
  47. Dr. Drs. Nur Jalal, M.Si.
  48. Dr. Alexander P. Tjilen, S.E., M.Si.


Registration is open from February to April and from October to November. Online payment of the selection exam fee of Rp. 750,000, – through BTN Bank throughout Indonesia to get a user ID and password (on proof of payment). Furthermore, it required to fill in the online registration form through by using the user ID and password after payment.


The tuition fee is IDR 12,000,000 per semester.


Can be obtained from the Administration Section of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University, Perintis Kemerdekaan, UNHAS Tamalanrea Makassar Campus 90245 Tel. (0411) 585034 – 585036 Fax. : (0411) 585868. e-mail: website:


Dekan  : Prof. Dr. Ir. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc.

  • Vice Dean for Academic, Research, and Scientific Publication:

   Prof. Dr. Ir. Laode Asrul, M.P.

  • Vice Dean for Planning, Finance and Resources :

   Prof. Dr. Hamka Naping, M.A.

  • Vice Dean for Innovation, Student, Alumni and Partnership:

   Prof. Dr. Ing. Herman Parung, M.Eng.

Head of Study Program : Prof. Dr. Ir. Darmawan Salman, MS.




Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan, Km. 10

Campus Tamalanrea,  Makassar 90245

Telp. (0411) 585034 – 585036  Fax. : (0411) 585868.

e-mail :