To be postgraduate education institution having a quality culture with graduates and research results which are always relevant nationally and internationally.

The quality and relevance of this has the following attributes:


  1. Creative, innovative, and wise graduates to develop science in compliance with the development of global knowledge.
  2. The study results which may be published in international journals to contribute to the development of science, technology and art.


  1. Graduates who have competence and skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation characterized by maritime cultural values.
  2. The study results which are consistent in supporting the nation’s competitiveness and strengthening the re-actualization of maritime cultural values.


  1. Develop human resource professionalism and intellect through student-based learning process;
  2. Develop Postgraduate Program as the spearhead and incubator for the development of science, technology and art in order to realize Hasanuddin University as research university.
  3. Develop Postgraduate Program as a flagship program to improve the credibility of the university.


  1. Produce S2 and S3 graduates who have scientific competence recognized nationally and internationally.
  2. Produce high-quality research to be used as a reference for the development of science, technology and art which leads to increase competitiveness of the nation.